Natalia (also known as Rona), Instructor ,

- Hour long dance class was fun and easy to follow,

then the hour free dance was great.

Instructors are knowledgeable and great dancers! Linda on Apr 29, 2012.

- My kinda place, every Saturday (and more)....nice,

friendly people for sure!

Alec, Instructor ,

Alec is our photographer and instructor.

- Alec is a great instructor, very patient and lots of fun!

When not teaching he is working on many fun art and software projects.


Ross "Rosseroni", Instructor ,

We had so much fun at the party! You are a great dancer, thank you!

-Margaret September 29 at 11:19pm

When not teaching, Ross is on stage acting and singing. He is very talented.


Sean, Teacher in training ,

Sean is part of our Teacher's Training Program.

Sean has many talents: he is a TV star,  teaches science and surfs